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Embracing the Green Office Revolution

Transform Your Workspace with Nature Embrace the green office advantage and tap into the health benefits in the comfort of your own home. In today's fast-paced world, remote work is becoming increasingly prevalent, prompting a reevaluation of our work environments. One concept gaining significant traction is the "green office," which integrates nature into the workspace for enhanced well-being and productivity. Let's explore the transformative potential of the green office and how you can cultivate your green oasis at home. The Green Office Advantage Beyond mere aesthetics, the green office offers a multitude of benefits for our physical and mental [...]


5 little habits to become more environmentally friendly

Little habits add up. A change here, a swap out there and before you know it you’ve created a new habit. Here are 5 environmentally friendly habits you can make that take next to no effort at all! Switch it off at the socket There are so many electrical goods in the home that have teeny tiny little standby lights. Little lights that do nothing aside from telling you that the appliance *could* do something. It may not seem much, but all those little lights add up over time. So maybe you can get [...]


What is wellness housing?

We’ll be the first to admit that a lot of jargon is used in the property industry. Throw in specific language around wellness and environmentally sustainable goals and it can all start to get a bit much. So, when we refer to “wellness housing”, what do we mean? For Urban Villager, wellness housing refers to homes that we design and build to support the holistic health of their residents. That means paying close attention to: Natural light Airflow Local environment Sustainable and non-toxic materials Wellness houses are ones that you walk into and feel good about. It is all these [...]


A triple-bottom-line: People. Planet. Profit.

We’ve committed to a triple-bottom-line. We’re committed for the long haul. We’re building tomorrow, sustainably. Imagine a world where you can have affordable, flexible living options that fit your needs. A world where you don't have to pay for space you don't need, and where you can share resources with like-minded people. A world where homes are built sustainably and efficiently. That's what we're all about - creating smaller and more diverse options, supporting co-living, and helping each other out. We believe in managing our properties with integrity and kindness and partnering with not-for-profit organizations to provide support when it's [...]

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