Belmont Urban Eco Village

As our cities grow, it becomes increasingly important to create dense, vertical, walkable communities. Our Belmont Urban Eco Village is located in the Belmont Town Centre, and is walkable to shops, schools, employment, public transport and lifestyle amenities, minimising the need for cars, and maximising community participation.

Our Belmont Urban Eco Village will be a biophilic, sustainable, cross-laminated timber eco-building, with an activated street-front and common spaces, including a genuine productive rooftop garden designed to actively curate community. Rooftop garden plots allow apartment-dwellers to share a ‘backyard’, a common desire from downsizers.  To increase diversity, we have a range of housing types, including accessible, micro and studio apartments right up to three-bedroom apartments. A community curator will be employed to optimise community cohesion.

The Belmont Urban Eco Village is designed with an activated street front,
a green atrium, and is surrounded by green space.

This project is designed using the principles of wellness architecture and wellness community. As such, it will be managed by our in-house property management team. Rather than the traditional, adversarial tenant-landlord relationship, we aim to foster a community where there is mutual respect, trust and a long-term sense of place-making and belonging.

As the property manager, and the building manager, Urban Villager is uniquely placed to catalyse the relationships between the occupants in the building in a way that builds connection, community resilience, and happiness. Think hosting a party for the festive season, shared dinners on the rooftop, and having a platform where people can ask for what they need (can someone please water my plants/feed my cat/help me to set up my computer) and offer what they have (technology skills, capacity to walk a dog/taking a lead on the rooftop gardens).

This project is currently before council, and in conjunction with the Social Impact Hub, we are in early-stage negotiations for patient impact capital for the construction and early operation stage.

If you are a wholesale investor, or a fund manager, and you are interested in being a part of the solution, please get in touch.

More coming soon