Vertical Villages

Belmont Urban Eco Village

Our Belmont Urban Eco Village will be a biophilic, sustainable, cross-laminated timber eco-building, with an activated street-front and common spaces, including a genuine productive rooftop garden designed to actively curate community. Rooftop garden plots allow apartment-dwellers to share a ‘backyard’, a common desire from downsizers. To increase diversity, we have a range of housing types, including accessible, micro and studio apartments right up to three-bedroom apartments. A community curator will be employed to optimise community cohesion.

Nestled in the Belmont Town Centre, the location is walkable to shops, schools, employment, public transport and lifestyle amenities, minimising the need for cars, and maximising community participation.

This project has been approved unanimously by council. In conjunction with the Social Impact Hub, we are in early-stage negotiations for patient impact capital for the construction and early operation stage.



A mixed-use development on a large site, this vertical village is designed for inclusivity, sustainability, and connection. We are currently working on a development application to put to council which includes seniors housing, accessible housing for people with a disability, affordable housing, commercial space and shop-top housing. We intend to retain at least 20% of the site as long-term rental accommodation for frontline workers.  

Across the site, we will use permaculture as our landscaping guide, whilst retaining established trees and nature. We will also incorporate sustainable technologies to ensure that residents are able to live sustainably.  

Townhouse Communities

Lambton, Newcastle

Our current project in Lambton is for eight, sustainably designed townhouses designed to foster co-living for working professionals. Designed with frontline workers at the nearby John Hunter Hospital in mind, these townhouses have three bedrooms and three bathrooms per house to enable a blend of privacy and connection within walking distance of the hospital.  

New Lambton, Newcastle

A smaller project than usual, and on a tight corner site, we have designed two homes designed for co-living for frontline workers within walking distance of the Adamstown train station. Close to public transport, and within an easy commute of the CBD, these homes have a one-to-one bedroom to bathroom ratio with a shared common kitchen.

Land Subdivisions

Central Coast, NSW

Our first Central Coast land subdivision project is for a development of approximately 50 lots. Whilst it goes through the rezoning process, we are working to optimise the future lot layout to deliver diversity of housing, biodiversity, and connectivity. To ensure that we achieve a sustainable estate, we are also working with a builder to provide home designs that meet our Urban Villager standard.  

Central Coast, NSW

Our second Central Coast land subdivision project is also for a development of approximately 50 lots. Here, we’re exploring options to utilise sustainable technologies on a community scale, with solar power and battery facilities considered across the estate. We plan to retain up to 20% of the dwellings in this estate as long-term rental accommodation for frontline workers in the area, and to provide additional building and design standards to ensure that all buildings meet a high minimum standard.