Our Mission

At Urban Villager, we believe in people-first design. We create vibrant, connected communities where people thrive. 

We have particular care for frontline workers. Across multiple industries, frontline workers provide services vital to our communities, and they’re also highly vulnerable. Frontline workers are among the lowest-paid and least resilient people in our community. Our work aims to increase the resiliency of this cohort financially, socially, and economically.

We know that the currency of wellness is connection. Therefore, we design communities with space for people to connect. We design for the sharing economy, making sharing a way of life. We design for diversity and inclusivity. We actively manage the communities to make kindness, contribution and mutual respect a way of life.   

We believe in a sustainable world, and so we design sustainable buildings, with renewable energy, where we bring nature into the city. We are guided by permaculture principles. Our buildings grow food and clean air and give everyone the chance to actively participate in gardening. 

We know that life is for living. We include affordable housing by virtue of beautiful, smaller spaces, shared spaces, and co-housing options. 

We believe that home should be a sanctuary. 

We believe in a triple bottom line where business does good in the world.